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The New Burke Museum

Get ready to experience history like never before

By Lesley Love

Coming fall 2019, the new Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture will be replacing the old one, giving us astounding features that will make it impossible to overlook on campus.

The new museum will have see-through walls, allowing collections and research to be visible to everyone. This will give the staff, students, and international researchers working behind the windows the power to be role models, inspiring students in the K-12 programs at the museum, as well as to other UW students and visitors.

The Burke Museum has one of the largest collections of Northwest Native art, representing the depth of culture and artistic heritage in the region. Pieces from this collection will be on display in the Northwest Native Art Gallery once the new Burke opens. Other additions to the museum include an artist workshop which will provide the space needed to offer new programs and artist residencies. There will be a paleontology gallery which will give visitors the opportunity to watch students and staff clean the fossils that have been collected from the field.

The new Burke Museum will be a representation of how much the Northwest has grown and changed, and it will be a great public resource on UW’s campus.

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